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There is so much more going on here than me being a photographer. I'm so excited that you're here, in my little space where I share all of the intricate little things that go into being a business owner, a military wife, and a (sometimes solo) mother.

My real journey through life.

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How to Successfully Prepare for Your Personal Branding Photoshoot

Want to know the secret to successfully preparing for your personal branding photoshoot? I’ll tell you! Diving into your first Personal Branding Photoshoot can feel pretty intimidating. Trust me, I get it! Stepping up and putting yourself in front of a camera can feel a little uncomfortable at first.   Chances are that you haven’t […]

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I’m Jenn.
I'm sharing my journey through business, motherhood, & everything in between! Brand photography inspiration, business tips, and a few mom hacks along the way.
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Seattle Brand Photographer, Jenn Marie Photography, Seattle Personal Branding Session

5 Props to bring to your Personal Branding Photoshoot! Nothing makes a brand session MORE interesting than the right props! In today’s world, being in business isn’t all about BUSINESS, it’s about connection and authenticity. When it comes to your brand session, using props that are special to you, your personality, and your brand identity […]

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Seattle Brand Photographer, Jenn Marie Creative, Co., Seattle Personal Branding Session

It’s funny how you meet people as a Seattle Brand Photographer! I first worked with Mikayla during a personal branding session for Trend Event Rentals. Mary of Tred Event Rentals hired Mikayla to come style the set for her branding session, and I was blown away by Mikayla’s talent! The way that her eye was […]

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Seattle Personal Brand Photographer, Jenn Marie Creative, Co., Seattle Product Photographer

Sometimes you hire a Seattle Personal Brand Photographer because you need photos of yourself. And other times you hire a Seattle Personal Brand Photographer because you really need great photos of things! That’s where personal brand photography intersects with product photography. I absolutely loved working with Mary of Trend Event Rentals to get some amazing […]

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Seattle Personal Branding Photography, Jenn Marie Creative, Co., Seattle Personal Brand Photographer

Before I made the switch to Seattle Personal Branding Photography, I spent my time photographing the most gorgeous weddings. Working behind the scenes with so many talented professionals really opened up my eyes to the amount of work that goes into a wedding day! When Andrea of Soirée Smith asked me to do a branding session […]

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Seattle Personal Brand Photography, Jenn Marie Creative, Co., Seattle Personal Brand Photos

When people hear that I shot Seattle Personal Brand Photography for a local real estate agent, their minds immediately go to the typical photos of beautiful homes and traditional headshots of agents in blazers! Ditch the blazers, or not, your call! But either way, I challenge you to think about brand photography a little differently!  […]

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Jenn Marie Photography, Lake Forest Brand Photographer, Chicago Brand Photographer

2021 brought so many changes here to Jenn Marie Photography! I officially transitioned out of the wedding world after five full years of building up my wedding photography business. It was so bittersweet to say goodbye to that, but I knew that with my daughter Adeline getting older, I really didn’t want to miss another […]

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Chicago Personal Brand Photography, Jenn Marie Creative, Co., Lake Forest Brand Photography

Are you a brand new business owner? Your business can 100% benefit from Chicago Personal Brand Photography! Ashley got in contact with me when she was just starting out her business! She knew that she wanted to pursue photography and for that, she needed to work on her brand. For our session, we really focused […]

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Chicago North Shore Brand Photography, Jenn Marie Creative, Co., Lake Forest Brand Photographer

Welcome to my newest Chicago North Shore Brand Photography member, Calia Stone Boutique! Calia Stone Boutique is a women-owned and operated Natural Stone provider in Chicago! When I first visited these ladies, I had been to a couple of stone warehouses before. I was a little skeptical about just how we could make photos of […]

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Chicago Brand Photographer, Chicago North Shore Brand Photographer, Jenn Marie Creative, Co.

For Ann Marie’s Chicago Brand Photography September shoot, we focused on all of the things that make the turning of the season SO SPECIAL! Who doesn’t LOVE chocolate chip cookies, pajamas, and super cozy end-of-summer outfits?? Ann Marie is one of my brand membership clients located in Chicago’s North Shore. Something we chatted about from […]

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