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March 16, 2022

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This Tacoma Branding Session was chic and fun!

A little peek inside Calia Stone Boutique’s Branding Session!

Calia is one of our monthly members in the Chicagoland area! And, by the way, If you’re interested in a monthly membership, we’d love to chat with you! For Calia’s February brand session, we really wanted to drive home their Calia Care Campaign. Normally we wouldn’t focus an entire session around one specific theme. But, since Calia works with us to get new photos each month, we decided to dig deep into what Calia Care meant for their brand and their customers!

TIP: If you’re not shooting monthly brand photos, it’s better to spread your shot list out over your entire workflow instead of one aspect.

Jenn Marie Creative, Co., Tacoma Branding Session, Tacoma Brand Photographer

For those of you who may not know (like I didn’t before this session!), the stone can be temperamental and you really have to care for it. And the awesome ladies at Calia offer the best stone care options for their products! But, we really needed to show the importance of that to their clients. We had taken some photos in the past of the actual stone care products, but this go-around we wanted it to feel more realistic. Like what would you actually see in someone’s kitchen? How would you use the stone care products? For this session, that meant the stone care products had to come out to work!
Jenn Marie Creative, Co., Tacoma Branding Session, Tacoma Brand Photographer

During this brand session, we brought in a model and had some fun going through a “typical” day with her! Because, when you’re in your kitchen you are not always cleaning right? Sometimes you are unwinding at the end of a long day with a glass of wine! I love telling a story with your photos. It’s not just an image, but a sequence of images that can really reinforce what you want your brand to say. With Calia, that meant showing what a typical day in the life of a Calia Stone Customer might look like. Including the problems they might face that Calia can solve for them, and the kind of fun energy that their customers have!

Jenn Marie Creative, Co., Tacoma Branding Session, Tacoma Brand Photographer

Brand Session Tip

When you’re thinking about how to represent a key part of your brand, it’s really important to make it as “ideally realistic” as possible. That means that we’re going to take the action of what you would normally do, and elevate it if necessary. From there we’ll add a little twist of interest to catch people’s attention!

Jenn Marie Creative, Co., Tacoma Branding Session, Tacoma Brand Photographer

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