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Each brand is unique, and I want to showcase that in a way that helps you shatter barriers and convert viewers to super-fans.

I love diving into businesses. I know that sounds weird as a photographer, but I'm a unique kind of girl. As a branding expert, I know that your business deserves not only scroll-stopping images, but images that drive your audience to buy what you're selling (quite literally).

I want to know:  What makes your brand tick? What are your goals? What is your road map to reaching those goals?

The JMC Story

It's not just about the pretty pictures

Full Brand Sessions



what i can do for you:

Perfect for brands who want to keep their content fresh and relevant. Monthly or Quarterly sessions that will elevate your changing business goals.

If you're looking to jump into a photography business or just need some support in up-leveling your brand, my one-on-one coaching is JUST for you!


Dive deep into your brand with a full branding session. Custom built for full rebrands, refreshes, or 6 months worth of social media content.

full branding sessions

These tailored sessions are built to deliver a complete gallery of on brand, sales-driven, impactful images for businesses who are ready for a refresh. With my in-depth planning process, you'll receive enough images to support your biggest brand campaigns. Choose from full day or half day sessions.

the in-depth full experience

includes a full planning guide

and up to 6 months of social content

as well as content ideas & captions

branding memberships

keep your brand fresh & relevant

We all know that sometimes our business takes turns throughout the year that we may not have anticipated. That our needs change as the time passes. With a monthly or quarterly membership, you can make sure that your content remains relevant to the flow of your goals all year long!

Includes one session per month or quarter

and a full planning process for each session

and a building gallery of on-brand images

creative business coaching

for photographers

If you're a photographer looking to start or level up your business, this is the perfect place to start! My one-on-one custom coaching sessions are built around your needs. No pre-scripted curriculum or irrelevant courses. Just tailored information to help you and your specific photography vision come to life!

includes 2 one-on-ones per month

and recorded sessions for playback

and unlimited voxer chats for in-between meetings

Still not sure what's right for you?

Let's Chat

Sometimes it's hard to tell just what direction we need to take in our business in order to be succesful. Trust me, I get it! I know how hard it can be to invest in your own business. You want to make sure that your money is going to have a good ROI, but finding that path can be tricky. 
When it comes to your branding photos, I'm here to help! Let's set up a complimentary consultation and chat a little about your needs and how best we can work together!

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The JMC Promise

What Makes me Different

I spent a long time looking through websites and social media feeds that all felt the same but told me nothing about the brands they were representing. My goal is to not only make sure that your images are on-brand & cohesive, but also story-telling and sales-driven. 

After we work together, you'll walk away with an actionable gallery of brand photos that you can use effortlessly to achieve your business goals.

I get it. I've been there. I can help.


It’s never too late
to rewrite your
your business
or reignite your

let's work together

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