Hi there! I’m Jenn, brand photographer and visual strategist.


Enneagram 6, the most extroverted introvert you'll ever meet, ADHD mom, will 100% fill up the swear jar. 


I was a mom with a camera, and it felt like a dream, until it wasn't....

Don't get me wrong, the mom part was great. It was the thing in front of my camera that was weighing me down. I started photographing families, and then quickly realized that I wanted to move into weddings. I loved the fast-paced atmosphere and all of the GORGEOUS things and people, but there was still something missing. I started doing styled shoots (or fake commercial weddings) and I quickly fell in love. It took me about 4 of these to realize that the thing I loved wasn't the weddings... it was the ability to showcase the vendors that worked so hard behind the scenes to make the day a success.

I knew I had finally found my purpose: helping women showcase their brands with exciting, sales-driven images!

When I started looking through the images that were being plastered all over instagram by strong, confident women owned brands, there was always a TON of photos of their work, but NO imagery of them crafting, researching, and being the kick ass women in business who deserved to succeed. I knew then that THIS is what was missing, and I could help women stand out in their images instead of blending in!

Working with women owned brands is really a dream come true. I feel like I've finally found the purpose for my talent! Diving deep into brands, strategizing on how best to represent the inner workings that make businesses unique, while also rooting for each one to really make its mark on this little floating ball we all live on.

Working with brands has helped me not only stay excited about my work, but also make sure that I have enough time for my amazing family, who I couldn't do any of this without! 

Top: My wife & Daughter Left: Repping my Pittsburgh Native gear  Right: The baby monster herself

Hey, I'm Jenn, a mom, wife, and ruthless cheerleader for women owned brands. I love helping women step out of their comfort zone and stand out with their brand photos. 





I've lived in 5 states and 2 countries (hello military family)


i have about 500 hobbies thanks to adhd... the current one is embroidery


I literally don't have a favorite anything, so we're not going there


Last things I watched: Wednesday, GBBS, 1899 (weird), killing eve

there's nothing that
can't be solved
over an iced coffee

Your at-a-glance guide to where I stand on all the truly important things.


restaurant indulgence


celeb i'd love to meet

Michelle Obama or Emily Dickinson

Guilty pleasure

Endless hours on tiktok

alternate universe job:

Temp agency (constant change for my busy brain!)

favorite place i've been:

Germany... give me all the schnitzel!

drink of choice

Margaritas all the way

can't live without


usually craving

Always tacos. Every day.

beach vs mountains

A beach in the mountains

favorite show to binge

This literally changes weekly, no way

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