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Choosing a Location for your Branding Session

Choosing a location for your brand session

January 23, 2023

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Inside? Outside? A Studio? A public space? Where you choose to have your session says a lot about your brand. Let’s take a look at how to choose the best locations for your brand, as well as some popular and out of the box ideas!

Brand Photo Locations
In Home
In Home Branding Session for Bird Barre

The location that you choose for your branding session is just as important as what you wear or the props that you bring along. It’s really one of the three pillars of an amazing branding session! So, how do you choose a location that is right for you?

Storage Unit Branding Photo Location
Inside the Loading Dock of a Storage Unit

First, let’s think about your brand aesthetic. This goes along with your brand keywords. Is your brand traditional? Quirky? Timeless? Boho? Knowing your brand identity inside and out is the first step to figuring out where you should have your session. 

Next, dive into that list we made in How to Prepare for your Branding Shoot: First Steps. If you don’t have a physical location, or you want to add other locations, think about these questions: What kinds of photos do you need? Do you need office photos? Maybe a kitchen shot? Or do you need a great mountain view? Matching your locations with your list will help you narrow it down.

Now that you have some solid ideas on what you need, it’s time to get specific and think about things like rental fees, accessibility, weather, etc. How much are you willing to invest in the perfect location? Are you willing to travel? If it rains, is there an easy contingency plan? 

Once you’ve answered these questions, it’s time to scout your locations and start making those bookings, if necessary! It’s also a great idea to call these locations and make sure they allow photography, what, if any, their fee is, and if you need a permit! (If you’re working with me, we do this during your discovery call and then I scout all of your locations for you, so no need to overwork yourself!)

Seattle brand photographer
In a Rental Studio
Photo session location ideas coffee shop
Coffee Shop
Brand Session Location Ideas Kitchen
Stone Showroom Kitchen
Branding Photoshoot Locations Botanical Gardens
Botanical Gardens
Garden Center
Brand Session Location Ideas Coworking Space Office
Coworking Space

If you’re feeling stuck, here is my list of some locations that are both traditional and a little out of the box! Hopefully this will get your brain wheels rolling and help you choose the best location for you!


  1. Home Office
  2. Your Business Location
  3. Coworking Space
  4. Coffee Shop
  5. Laundromat
  6. City Streets
  7. Zoo
  8. On a Bus
  9. Botanical Gardens
  10. Beach
  11. AirBnB
  12. Hotel
  13. Studio
  14. Flower Shop
  15. Alleyways
  16. On a Boat
  17. Empty Warehouses
  18. Paris (I will travel)
  19. Parking Garage
  20. Farmers Market
  21. On a Train
  22. Art Gallery
  23. A Staged Home for Sale
  24. Library
  25. Plant Nursery
  26. Mountains
  27. On a Ferris Wheel
  28. Fields
  29. Rooftop Bar
  30. Ice Cream Shop
  31. Cabin
  32. Museum
  33. Arcade
  34. Amusement Park
  35. City Steps
  36. Bridges
  37. Aquarium
  38. Retail Stores
  39. Concert 
  40. Donut Shop

Looking for more tips on planning your branding session? Check out What to Wear to Your Branding Session!

If you’re not already working with me, and you’re thinking YES! I need someone to help me through this process, I would love to chat! JMCC is not booking Full and Half Day Branding Sessions, as well as memberships and coaching options. Want to learn a little more? Check out my services!

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